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Program Leader, Philippine Science and Technology Program for the Development of the Halal Industry
Founder and Administrator, Philippine National Halal Science Center
Host Organizer, Philippine Halal Assembly
Chairperson, National Halal Forum Philippines
Regional Director, Department of Science and Technology XII


HRH Dr. Hadja Sittie Shayma Zenaida P. Hadji Raof Laidan is the Regional Director of the Department of Science and Technology- South Central Mindanao (1999 to date). Being a devout Muslim who holds executive position in the premier body of the country on science and technology, Dr. Laidan actively advocates Halal Science, making her one of the prime movers of Halal development in the country. She crafted, authored the Philippine Science and Technology Program for the Development of the Halal Industry and currently spearheading its implementation. She is the Chairperson of the National Halal Forum-Philippines, the leading country-wide Halal events with global trend; Host Organizer of the Philippine Halal Assembly, International Conference and Expo; and Founder and Administrator of the Philippine Halal Science Center that includes the National Halal Laboratory.
Dr. Laidan became a recipient of numerous awards in recognition of her distinctive contributions in nation-building particularly on rural community development and in various socio-technological programs. She was recognized and honored during the Kamindanawan 2011 as one of the Outstanding Top Women Mindanao Philippine Achievers for “breaking new ground”- introducing innovations and breakthroughs especially in the field of Halal Science and Technology.
She obtained Doctor of Philosophy degree in Science Education major in Biology at the De La Salle University, Manila in 1994 and in recognition of her leadership ability, Dr. Laidan was conferred Doctor of Philosophy in Institutional Development and Management (Honoris Causa) by the Sultan Kudarat State University and Akamai University, Hawaii in 2008. She had been invited as Commencement Speaker by major universities and academic institutions and has addressed audiences locally and internationally.
Concurrently, she chairs six (6) consortia in Region XII particularly on information and communications technology, health research and development (R&D), industry, energy, and emerging technologies R&D, analytical laboratories, nutrition and information network, and Halal S&T. She is also a Regent and a Trustee of all State Universities and Colleges in South Central Mindanao, Philippines. Dr. Laidan travelled widely in different capitals of the world such as in Europe, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Turkey, Pakist
Dr. Laidan was crowned/ enthroned on May 15, 2014 as Bai-a-Zeybaaleem sa Masiu, a royal title among Bangsamoro women with an equivalent rank of a Sultan in the Royal Sultanate of Lanao in Mindanao, Philippines. She is married to Datu Hadji Abdul Mohaymen P. Laidan, Datu a Adil sa Bayabao Masiu, Ramain-Ditsaan Lanao del Sur.