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Name: Dr. Jawad Alzeer
Citizenship: Swiss
Marital Status: Married
E-mail: zeerj@yahoo.com




1990-1995: Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland

1987-1989: M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry University of Karachi, Pakistan
1983-1987: B. Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry, Physiology and Microbiology as minor subjects University of Karachi, Pakistan
1985-1986: Maths Certificate in Mathematics University of Karachi, Pakistan




Title: Towards oligosaccharide analogues of cellulose, ETH Zurich, 1995. Advisor: Prof. A. Vasella; Co-examiner: Prof. F. Diederich




January 2014-now: Director of Swiss Scientific Society for Developing Countries, Zürich, Switzerland
January 2010-Now: Head of scientific board and Senior Consultant, Halal Certification Services, Rheinfelden, Switzerland. “Audit food products that meet Halal requirements”
June 2012-now: Senior Scientist, Department of Chemistry, Zürich University, Switzerland
‘Investigate medicinal plant as potential therapy for cancer’
‘Design, synthesis and evaluation of anticancer compounds that interact with Different G-quadruplexes structures’.
September 2010-Now: Assistant Professor, Palestine Polytechnic University, Applied science department, Hebron, Palestine.
“Design and development of novel, mild and efficient extraction method for natural products”
October 2009-August 2010: Senior Scientist, Lipomed AG, Arlesheim, Switzerland
‘Design of new anti-cancer drugs, Synthesis of drug reference standards, Management of pre-clinical and clinical research, Supervising and leading staff in drug manufacture, Presenting scientific lectures, Scientific consultant’
October 2006-September 2009: Senior Research Associate, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Zürich University, Switzerland
‘Design, synthesis and evaluation of potential anticancer compounds that interact with human telomeric G-quadruplexes DNA and inhibit telomerase enzyme’
March 2001-September 2006: Research Associate, Institute of Molecular Cancer Research (IMCR), Zürich University, Switzerland
‘Development of a simple and concise approach for the synthesis of well-defined bridged interstrand cross-link DNA’
‘Design of chemical approach for targeted mutagenesis by exploiting the base excision repair pathway’
Feb 2000-Feb 2001: Assistant Professor, Palestine Polytechnic University, Hebron, Palestine
‘Teaching introductory, general chemistry, supervising chemistry laboratories, design and engineering laboratory course’
November 1998-February 2000: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA
‘Synthesis of nucleoside and non-nucleoside inhibitors of human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase’
March 1996-September 1998: Postdoctoral Fellow, Hoffmann La Roche, Basel, Switzerland
‘Identification and optimisation of a new antimalarial pharmacophore: phenyl -methoxyacrylates, linked to an aromatic ring via olefinic bridge, have been identified as novel, potentially inexpensive, antimalarial agents’
March 1993-December 1995: Research Fellow, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland
‘A new approach towards polysaccharide analogues: Preparation of mono- and oligomeric acetylenosaccharides up to a fully deprotected octamer’
October 1990-March 1993: Research Fellow, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Zürich University, Switzerland
‘Synthesis of Acetyleno-Oligosaccharides: Stereoselective introduction of alkynyl groups into glucose’
October 1989-October 1990: Research Fellow, H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, Karachi, Pakistan
‘Synthesis of biologically active compounds from readily available carbohydrates’
April 1988-June 1989: Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, Karachi University, Pakistan
‘Synthesis of C-disaccharides by a carbon Ferrier rearrangement’
‘Teaching general and organic chemistry’




Offered Merit Certificate from University of Karachi
Stood Fourth Position in the Faculty of Science.
Stood Second Position in the Chemistry Department
M.Sc. and B.Sc. with Distinction
Secured “A” Grade in all Chemistry Courses




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Languages: Arabic–fluent; English; German; Urdo.
Computing: Detailed knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Beilstein & SciFinder on PC & Mac
Teaching and advising: Teaching assistant; advising Master and PhD students.




Collect unique pens, reading history books, playing basketball, combine imagination with reality