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Project Description

Ecron Acunova, India

Dr. Shabana Khan, a medical professional by background and a post graduate in clinical research and international regulatory affairs, currently associated with Ecron Acunova is a dynamic professional and a clinician with broad based experience in all aspects of clinical practice and more than 7 years of experience in clinical research;

Her domain and expertise lies in feasibility assessment and market analyses for the conduct of clinical trials in various therapeutic areas, globally, along with sound knowledge of project management activities and pharmaceutical market research;

Comprehensive knowledge on details of regulatory aspects and clinical trial functions in Malaysia and detailed feasibility analyses carried out has embarked on initiating various clinical trials in India and South East Asia;

She was instrumental in completing clinical trials in various therapeutic indications, adhering strictly to the standards of ICH-GCP;

Her current interest is in evolving with methodologies in the halal pharmaceutical industry, which is an emergent diligence in generic medical, pharmaceutical, wellness and healthcare products that exclude non-compliant substances, enabling initially the Indian and gradually whole of the Muslims representing nearly 1.8 billion of the world’s population, to receive genuine patented halal drugs and their generics;