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[Syed Atiq ul Hassan is the winner of New South Wales Premier’s ‘Multicultural Harmony Award 2014’ and ‘Citizen of the Year Award 2014’ from the City of Auburn (Sydney). He has introduced the First Halal Exhibition in Australia. He is the founding Director of Australia’s largest multicultural Eid celebrations, ‘Chand Raat Eid Festival’ held in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth’. He is the author of ‘Australia For Pakistanis’. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Tribune International (Australia)’] Academically, Mr. Hassan holds degree in Physics, Computer Technology, Economics, Law, Journalism, advance academic credentials in Management, Marketing, Life Coaching.
Syed Atiq ul Hassan holds multiple, exciting and challenging roles. He carries remarkable credentials in Media, Journalism, Social Services, Education, and Events Management.
Being a multi-professional, Mr. Hassan is a senior Journalist, Media Analyst, Events Organiser, Educationist, Motivational/Life Coach and Community Leader. Mr. Hassan is an excellent communicator and radio & online TV program producer and presenter.
Mr. Hassan is CEO of Knobin Consulting – an Australian company that organises large multicultural, community, media and educational events. He is the founding director of Halal Expo Australia – a unique halal national event in Australia. Mr. Hassan is also a founding director of the very famous annual multicultural Islamic event called Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) in Australia – the largest Eid eve multicultural celebrations.
Mr. Hassan among those few campaigners of multiculturalism in Australia who have delivered extraordinary services within the Islamic community and to the broad multicultural communities in the state of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia. Mr. Hassan was awarded New South Wales Premier’s Harmony Award in 2014 which is a highly acclaimed award of the State of New South Wales.
Mr. Hassan has written many eye-opener articles on multiculturalism and Islam. Mr. Hassan has introduced the Australian ethnic communities in the international media as a foreign correspondent. Mr. Hassan is an editor-in-chief of Tribune International (Australia) – a multicultural Australian Newspaper in English. Mr. Hassan is an author of ‘Australia for Pakistanis’ – the first book which stunningly investigates the genealogy of Pakistani and Muslims migrants to Australia, published in 2003. Over 600 media articles of Syed Atiq ul Hassan have been published in the international media and unaccountable reporting and interview he has conducted in the last 30 years or so.
. Hassan has worked for many international companies and government departments in the United States, Middle East, and Australia.


Some of Mr. Hassan’s professional work credentials are:
• 2015 – Introduced the first Australian Halal Exhibition, held in Sydney where over 10,000 visitors and 120 exhibitors attended.
• 2015 – Received Premier’s multicultural media finalist award on behalf of Tribune International (Australia)
• 2014 – Received ‘Citizen of the Year Award 2014’ from Auburn City Council, New South Wales
• 2014 – Received Premier’s ‘Multicultural Harmony Award 2014’ from Multicultural NSW, Australia
• 2013 – Launched CREF in Melbourne and delivered a successful event attended by over 10, 000 people in Melbourne and over 20,000 in Sydney
• 2012 – Started free motivational workshops as an internationally certified life coach for community members as part of community development programme
• 2011 – Organised Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF) 2011 Sydney Olympic Park where 10,000 people attended
• 2010 – Received ‘Community Services Acknowledgement Award 2010’ from Community Relations Commission
• 2008 – Received ‘Community Services Acknowledgement Award 2008′ from New South Wales Community Relations Commission
• 2008 – Covered World Youth Day 2008 held in Sydney
• 2007 – Covered different events of APEC 2007 held in Australia
• 2007 – Delegate to attend and cover the 5th World Conference of Science Journalists
• 2006 – Guest speaker at a writing festival organised by the NSW Writers’ Centre. The topic was ‘Australia in Foreign Eyes’
• 2006 – Elected member of the Executive Board of the Foreign Correspondents’ Association of Australia
• 2005 – Conducted workshop on ‘Media and Mass Communication’ for the faculty members of the Department of Mass Communication at Sind University (Pakistan)
• 2005 – Covered the visit of the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, for international media
• 2005- Moderator at the forum on ‘Community Unity & Harmony’ organised by Tribune International in Sydney
• 2005 – Guest speaker at a Writing Festival organised by the New South Wales Writers’ Centre. The topic was ‘Journalism a first draft of history’
• 2005 – Guest speaker at the forum on “Impact of anti-terror laws on journalists, writers and publishers (in Australia)” organised by the New South Wales Writers’ Centre in Sydney, Australia.
• 2003 – Invited by Thailand Authority of Tourism as a special guest to witness the First Golden Kinnaree Awards and to attend the Bangkok International Film Festival
• 2003 – Covered peace rallies held in Sydney as a part of international coverage for international media agencies
• 2003 – Received Best Spot Journalism award from Victory News
• 2001 – Conducted a forum on ‘Terrorism’ held in Sydney
• 2002 – Wrote the book ‘Australia For Pakistanis’, which was largely acknowledged in Australia and abroad
• 2001 – Travelled to India (from Sydney) to cover the Agra summit and visit General Pervez Musharraf, former President of Pakistan, representing the Australian media
• 2000 – Published multicultural English magazine in celebration of the Sydney Olympics. The magazine was launched by The Honourable Morris Imma, the 40th Premier of New South Wales at the premises of NSW Parliament House
• 2000 – Conducted a forum on ‘Child Labour in South Asia’ in Sydney
• 1999 – Organised forum on ‘Kashmir – A Global Flashpoint’ where active community leaders, parliamentarians, writers and journalist participated
• 1998 – Launched the first ‘Chand Raat Eid Festival (CREF)’ which is now held every year
• 1998 – Started a community radio program for Urdu and Hindi listeners
• 1997 – Introduced ‘Tribune International (Australia)’ – the multicultural English newspaper
• 1991 – Awarded Justice of Peace